“Peru Mountain Explorers E.I.R.L.” this Travel Agency was originally founded by Victor Cirilo Sanchez Caldua, more than 17 years ago, who started to work as a porter and as a guide of different customers in several expeditions.

Victor was a certified professional Mountain Trekking Guide. He studied at CEAM (Casa de Guías Centro de estudios de Alta Montaña) dedicated to the training of Mountain Guides in Peru. Thanks to that he was able to travel to Ecuador, Bolivia, etc.

Actually the company is managed by his wife, Alicia Guillen Milla and eldest daughter, Jeanett Sanchez Guillen. Alicia was born in 1982 in Huaraz – Peru. She is one of the founders of Cordillera Blanca Climbing and Cordillera Blanca Hiking, she has worked in the adventures tourism around 17 years ago and has many years experience in the organization of the Logistics.

Jeanett was born in 2000, she is a mining engineer, she studied in the UNASAM (Universidad Nacional Santiago Antunez de Mayolo – Huaraz) her career isn’t related to tourism, but over the years she has learned to love the nature and manage the company of her parents. Her experiences: Alpamayo base camp, Vallunaraju Morena camp, Huayhuash trekking, Santa cruz trekking, 69 lake, Rocotuyoc Lake, etc.

We are a company specialize in coordinating custom trips to the most beautiful and interesting areas of Peru, with the main goal of offer good quality services, with great responsibility, kindness and security to our clients. We also count with trained and professional person in the field of adventure activities.

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